Music Genre Types that You Should Try

People have different preferences when it comes to music. That’s the beauty of music genres. They give you the freedom to listen to various kinds of music depending on your mood, your likes, your status, and the type of life that you are going through right now.

But you should not restrict yourself to just one particular genre. You may be losing a lot of good lyrics and melodies if you do not give yourself a chance to listen to other kinds of genres.

You should give these genres a try and see if you can develop a liking to them:

Pop music

If you are used to other kinds of music, you may have developed a negative view of what pop music is. But this type of genre, like any other type of music, continues to evolve throughout the years. From Madonna’s pop music to today’s Katy Perry, you can see the development and dynamics of the songs. A lot of tech blogs talk about how instruments and advancement in technology can innovate the style of pop music.

Listening to pop melody can give you a wider audio capacity. It is like your palate in terms of tasting and food. As you try pop music, you can also develop a new liking for the styles and techniques used by artists to produce new songs and tracks.

Hip Hop or Rap

Have you ever tried listening to rap music? If not, it is better if you try it. Popular artists like 2pac, Ghostface Killah, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Lauryn Hill are some of the recommendations that you can start with. You can find many people who are fans of the genre and have wanted to build a website for these iconic figures.


The first mention of reggae and the top musician who come to mind is the famous Bob Marley. Songs like No Woman No Cry, Redemption song, and Buffalo Soldier filled the airwaves in the 70s and 80s. These songs have a very deep meaning which can only come from the mind of a musical genius. Current reggae artists are Matisyahu, Beres Hammond, and Spice.


  1. Hip Hop got a bad reputation because of the gangsters and also because of the movies that the artists are portrayed. But these musicians just got the short end of the deal and have been facing life one day at a time. But the realities of what they’ve been are definitely reflected in their music.

  2. Kenneth S. Todd

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    I have tried reggae music once and it really hit me to the bones. I never thought that I would love this genre of music so much. I am originally into pop music. But now, I am current leaning into this beautiful music. Hopefully, those that read your article will also try reggae music.

  3. People have a lot of choices, actually. You can appreciate music more if you open yourself to listening to other genres. Try country music, jazz, classical, electronic, indie pop, rock, and opera songs. It will be a treat to your ear to give yourself a chance to other genres of music.

  4. Trying our new genre might dilute your music taste. However the good thing about it is you’re not only bound to listen to the same type, you can explore and probably enjoy other types too!

  5. I’ve always experimented on my listening taste. I enjoy a variety of genre, though I’ve always been a Jazz lover <3

  6. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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